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Adult Client 2021

“The biggest part of healing was understanding the triggers for my anxiety. Being prepared and armed with the techniques to help deal with those situations gives me the confidence to keep going.."

Parent Client 2022

"I learned what to do and how to support my kid when before I didn't know what to do.  I am grateful that I was able to be part of my kids therapy and didn't feel like an outsider."

Teen Client 2022

"Talking through what was going on and having a different perspective was really helpful." 

Therapy to build a balanced life

Therapy can be offered in many ways. I am here to offer therapy in a personalized way where we work towards healing. Sometimes we know what that means on your first appointment; and more often times it means we engage in emotion focused work to find that answer. I have a small caseload to offer you more personalized services and build a connection. Therapy can be for you as an adult (18+), for your child or teenage, or for parents who wish to understand their child's mental health and support them on their journey.



Brandy Gryshik

I am passionate about your emotional and mental well-being. I truly believe in your ability to heal and build a deeper understanding of your self. 

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