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Online and In-Person Services


Individual therapy is a way to bring yourself back to a place of mental wellbeing. I can support you to work through emotions, learn skills, and help you talk through difficult life situations. If you have a diagnosis from a doctor or psychologist, I can work with you to develop skills, coping, and strategies to put yourself back in the driver seat of your life. 


It can be one of the hardest parts of parenting to see your kid suffering with their own mental health concerns. It can feel worse to feel uncertain about how to best support them in daily life. Through Emotion Focused Family Therapy, I can help you build the skills to feel confident in supporting your kiddo. Research shows that when parents feel confident, relationships with their kids improve. In sessions, we lean on the knowledge and strengths you bring to the table and build on those to provide you with concrete tools to use in your daily journey as a parent. The end goal is always to improve the relationship you have with your child.


There are times where children and teens seek therapy for themselves. They may have been through something traumatic, experienced a mental health diagnosis, are having difficulty attending school, are experiencing anxiety that prevents them from engaging in activities, or you just notice that something feels off and not right. We can sort out what is going on for your child or teen and create goals to move towards healing. Currently seeing children 3 years to 19 years old. 


Check back routinely as there will be offerings for free webinars for parents to learn skills to support their kids. These are for any parent who is interested in learning something new, getting confirmation that you are doing the right thing, or just building on what you already know to add more confidence to your skills in supporting your kiddo. 


At all times, there is the opportunity to have joint sessions between parents and loved ones (children or teenagers). If you are interested in this please ask for more information about what this might look like for you. 

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